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More About Attorney Mitz
Serving Milwaukee, Mequon & Greater Southern Wisconsin

Milwaukee & Milwaukee County Lawyer

Although, my law offices are located in Mequon, Wisconsin, a suburb approximately 10 minutes north of Milwaukee, a significant portion of my practice involves the handling of cases in the City of Milwaukee. I am extremely familiar with the Milwaukee County Courthouse and its system; having successfully tried a great cases in that building.

On one occasion, during a trial In a medical malpractice case, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the defendant doctor, was so impressed with my working knowledge of medicine and surgery, he slipped and referred to me as “Dr. Mitz”. While I always prepare a case to try it, a settlement satisfactory to my client is my ultimate goal. With my different approach, I am able to obtain very successful results for my clients in all types of cases from criminal matters to car accident cases, to medical malpractice cases, to insurance cases to divorce and child custody cases.

Meqoun and Ozaukee County Lawyer

I have lived in he City of Mequon for the past twenty five years so I am very familiar with the people of that fine city as well as the intricacies of its court system. After representing a well known surgeon in a highly contested divorce trial in Port Washington, Wisconsin, The Honorable Joseph D. McCormack, former Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Ozaukee County, stated: “Attorney Mitz, you always have your ducks in a row, you are always well prepared.”

Approximately, fifteen years ago, I moved my law offices to the City of Mequon, as well. I find it a great place to live and to work. With my extensive experience with the area, I am certainly competent to handle a great variety of cases in the Ozaukee County court system.

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