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As a lifelong resident of Wisconsin, I took my undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, graduating with a B.A. in Sociology. After graduation, I took one year off to earn money for my first year in law school. After being admitted to Chicago Kent College of Law, the second oldest law school in Illinois, I was award a full merit scholarship. While attending the law school, I was on the Dean’s honor list every year. I graduated with distinction as number two in my class.

Upon my graduation from law school in 1973, I, as they say, hung out my shingle, never working as an employee of any other attorney or law firm.

I am admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States of America, United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin.

During my early years of practice, I was a part owner of a security firm. The firm provided personal as well as concert security to some of the most famous names in the entertainment business. Entertainers such as Vince Gill, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Reba McIntire, The Judds, Boyz II Men, WWF Wrestlers, and many others entrusted their lives with me. You should have no hesitation in entrusting your legal needs to me.

My Practice

I handle a wide variety of cases, but with a concentration on going to court, that is, litigation. Every reasonable effort is made to keep my clients out of court, but if going to court is necessary, I am a shark. Going to court is always risky. As a trial lawyer in Wisconsin and having handled cases throughout the United States, I do my best to reduce those risks.

I believe that competent and thorough preparation can limit risks.

After representing a well known surgeon in a divorce trial in Port Washington, Wisconsin, The Honorable Joseph D. McCormack, Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Ozaukee County stated, “Attorney Mitz, you always have your ducks in a row, you are always well prepared.”

After representing plaintiffs in an extremely complex medical malpractice trial in Waukesha, Wisconsin, The Honorable Judge Willis Zick, former Circuit Court Judge of Waukesha County stated, “Attorney Mitz, if I ever had to have my gallbladder removed, I would let you do it” (by the way, he was quite serious).

During a trial In a medical malpractice case, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the defendant doctor, was so impressed with my working knowledge of medicine and surgery, he slipped and referred to me as “Dr. Mitz”. While I always prepare a case to try it, a settlement satisfactory to my client is my ultimate goal. With my different approach, I am able to obtain very successful results for my clients in all types of cases from criminal matters to car accident cases, to medical malpractice cases, to insurance cases to divorce and child custody cases.

I not only have handled and continue to handle cases in Wisconsin, I have handled cases in other states, as well. Those include high profile cases such as representing well known professional wrestlers, Ax and Smash of Demolition in litigation against Vince McMahon and the then WWF in Stamford, Connecticut and representing the heirs of the Boyz II Men’s tour manager who was killed in Chicago, Illinois. I have represented clients in many other states and again, all without paying for advertising. You might ask yourself why people in Illinois, California, Florida, Georgia, and many other states have retained me to represent them. The answer is simple. “I do things differently”™

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